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This is where we’d like to get to know a little more about you. Share your experiences of meat-free Monday, are you a long-term dedicated vegetarian or are you new to meat-free and interested in more tips and ideas?

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by Esteban (29.03.2011)

MEAT FREE MONDAY is a very good idea, everybody should do it. I'm from France and I support MEAT FREE MONDAY, as a veggie, MEAT FREE MONDAY, it's a fun day and it's happening all around the world.

Thanks Paul :)

by Alex Annand (10.02.2011)

Meat free Monday is great Idea! and if you can handle this why don't you challenge your sell more by making it 2 days a week and then 3 days and then 4 days a week etc...
I started of doing it like this and now I don't eat meat anymore and i feel great! People say what do you eat, just vegetables?
No there's lots of stuff out there!! and to be honest it's a lot healthier than eating meat!!

by Sharon (28.01.2011)

I think meat monday is great.it would be even better if more people joined.
the more meat people eat the more animals we need, so we need land and to get land we must chop down trees to make farms to keep them on. We do not have an endless supply of land so if we get people to eat less meat we won't need to to cut down so many trees and it will be better for the environment

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