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Yesterday I posted a Facebook Status update about Meat Free Monday. Over 20 people made comments and as far as I can see there are now 4 new people taking on Meat Free Monday as a result! If you haven't done so already, update your facebook/twitter with something like I did ... "Well done to all my friends who stick to "Meat Free Monday" ... It's one of the easiest things anyone can do to change the world."


My cousin posted last Monday about this in his facebook, so I decided to enjoy.


We're having a 'Should Reading Have a Meat free Day?' debate at the Reading Eco Veggie Xmas Fayre on 19th December in the Town Hall. This is being publicised in the local paper as we want a real debate from people from all perspectives. There will be a vegan restaurant there for the day as well as many stalls and free food samples, cinema and cookery demos to help people realise how possible it is. Join us, support this great cause! See:

Sophie Fenwick-Paul

Meat free Mondays, great idea, hope it takes off. I have been veggie for nearly 15 years, can't understand how anyone can eat other living creatures.

Jackie Ford

I'm not a veggie I just love food. I do try to eat as much veggie meals as possible it's not meat that I disagree with eating it's the intensive factory farming for maximum profit methods that I find disgusting and barbaric and a breeding ground for many 'Factory Farm Flue' diseases. Intensive farming should be outlawed on health, moral and plain economic grounds. I don't want cheap food I want good food

Aseem Kawatra

Hi, I've been veggie for over two decades and never regretted it. My alternative to meatfreemonday is vegan weekdays. I try to be completely vegan from Sunday evening through to Friday evening. To anyone trying to be veggie for the first time I'd say first off do a bit of homework, find out as much as you can about nutrition and learn to cook if you don't already. It's very easy to be veggie in the UK these days as you have so many alternatives, but where I live in the south of Italy, it's still considered strange and even unhealthy. There is a lot of hostility among the older generation and even young people often think that veggie means 'no red meat' and are confused when I say I eat no fish, chicken, pork, lamb etc. There's also the fear that I might be an animal rights extremist or worse.....


I am not veggie but I usually am veggie 3 days per week, so in order to a bit more, I pledge to try to always have 5 days meat free and on the 2 days that I do eat meat that it is as organic and local as possible. Wish me luck. (I will be a reformed 2 day per week carnivore and super keen 5 day a week veggie)


Going strictly vegetarian (no meat or eggs, very little dairy) dropped my diabetes from dangerously high to very safely low (A1c: was 9.1, is 6.2). Also cholesterol, blood pressure, weight. Won't go back! You can't make me! No!