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I think meat free Monday is would be even better if more people joined. The more meat people eat the more animals we need, so we need land and to get land we must chop down trees to make farms to keep them on. We do not have an endless supply of land so if we get people to eat less meat we won't need to cut down so many trees and it will be better for the environment


Meat free Monday is great Idea! and if you can handle this why don't you challenge your sell more by making it 2 days a week and then 3 days and then 4 days a week etc... I started of doing it like this and now I don't eat meat anymore and I feel great! People say what do you eat, just vegetables? No there's lots of stuff out there!! and to be honest it's a lot healthier than eating meat!!

Alex Annand

MEAT FREE MONDAY is a very good idea, everybody should do it. I'm from France and I support MEAT FREE MONDAY, as a veggie, MEAT FREE MONDAY, it's a fun day and it's happening all around the world.


I’m very happy to meet [meat free Mondays]. I thank you to make this great project, organization. I’m a vegetarian since I was little. I love animals and couldn’t understand why we need to kill them for our food… (I was lucky to have a great mom cooks for me special dishes without any meat just for me.) Usually it is very hard to live as a vegetarian in Asian countries (I’m Japanese.) Eating meat is normal here and they say I’m crazy or I feel or think too much when I tell them that I’m trying not to eat meat at all. So life was super easier when I went to England^^ I want to know what more I can do for saving animals. I also want to share my vegetarian-recipes too.

Ico Mazda

 I am a vegetarian, my father is not. I put to him the idea of having meat free Mondays and we started a debate which I felt I lost because I had not prepared for it. He is also much more knowledgeable and I felt angry with myself for not being able to hold my own. Anyway I am now trying to prepare an email debate with him, giving me more time to research and learn along the way. Two things that he said that I would like debate with him were: 1)"Me not eating meat on a Mondays doesn't change a thing" (he says the same for voting, living in a conservative stronghold, he doesn't bother to vote because he says it'll change nothing) 2) "So imagine everyone stops eating meat on Mondays ... where will all the food come from to feed everyone, what will everyone eat? What will happen to all the animals?" I have started my debate by trying to find good quotes etc... (see below) but wanted to ask you more specifically about his second question. I said that everyone might try a tofu burger or some lentil pie. His argument was that "the problem was population, there are too many people now to feed, how would you feed all the people in the world without killing animals." I was left without a comeback. I started to say how we could replace the fields of crops we grow for animals with fields of crops for humans but he just attacked again, saying what would happen to the animals? I was lost. Can you help with any websites, references, information etc.. I couldn't find anything on your website that answers this. Some of the things I've found to help persuade him! "A small shift in your consciousness can create a ripple effect into all eternity" Gandhi said, "In a gentle way you can shake the world." "Know that all significant change throughout history has occurred not because of nations, armies, governments and certainly not committees. They happened as a result of the courage and commitment of individuals. People like Joan of Ark, Albert Einstein, Clara Barton, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and Rosa Parks. They might not have done it alone, but they were, without question, the change makers." "If you think you're too small to make a difference, try spending a night in a closed tent with a mosquito."  

Pi Kerr

I think this campaign is a really great idea! I'm the only vegetarian in my family, but we have talked about having a meat free day once a week ;)


Hi, I'm delighted to say that our IB school and center in northern Thailand, The Prem Center, has adopted Meat-Free Monday :-) We are most concerned with our impact on the environment & have sustainability written into our mission statement, so this is a wonderful idea.

Sarah Handley

As a good Brazilian the idea of not eating meat was absurd! But I have a 5 year old that hates meat, I took her to the doctor thinking that she might be "missing something" and the doctor told me that she was a vegetarian and that I should try not to eat meat once a week, It was hard at first,I didn't know how to cook without meat...But I started to feel better and 1 day turned to 2, 3, and now 1 year later I eat meat once a week! I lost some weight, feel much more energetic and if I can do it anyone can. Have a go, you will be surprised!