Is getting more of your 5-a-day the secret to happiness?

Published on 11th July 2016

It’s well known that eating your 5-a-day has dozens of benefits – most of them involve your physical health. Researchers at the University of Warwick have now concluded that eating more portions of fruit and veg are making us happier too!

A study of around 12,000 people showed that the more greens (and other colours!) we eat, the higher our life satisfaction scores. Who knew there was a score for this?

They tested a big range of people, from those who avoid the healthy stuff like the plague, and those who religiously get their five portions every day. Those who ate no fruit and veg upped their intake to 8 portions a day – and the results were phenomenal. The change in satisfaction levels equated someone going from unemployed, to having a brand new job – which is amazing!

Over the course of the study, the participants kept food diaries, and also measured their psychological well-being, and the study showed that after just a month of upping the volume of fruit and veg consumed, the happiness levels of those who took part had already increased!

Who needs more reason to eat more healthily?? We’re off to the supermarket to stock up!