British Football club is the “first in the world” to turn vegan

Published on 22nd March 2016

Forest Green Rovers FC in Gloucestershire is reported to be the first in the world to turn all food and drink menus vegan.
Club Chairman, Dale Vince – a proud vegan inspired the move to remove all animal products from their food and drink menus. In 2011, the club ceased sale of meat-based burgers and hotdogs, leaving the only “meat” item on the menu as fish. This was then taken off club menus in July this year.
A further move has seen all dairy, egg and honey based products removed from menus, swapping them out for oat or soya based milk and dairy products.
Vince, Club Chairman said “the gap between vegetarian food and vegan food is actually quite small. It’s a step rather than a leap. A lot of our food has been vegan for quite some time now, and this season we have taken the small last step.”
As well as being vegan himself, he stated that WHO research into meat being a cause cancer was another push for him to change the clubs’ menus. He has also taken steps to make the club more environmentally friendly to improve the clubs’ sustainability.
We at Meat Free Monday think this is a great step, and that more clubs should follow suit by offering more vegetarian and vegan options, and reducing the number of meat-products on offer.